Schematic specifier

A schematic specifier identifies a schematic by either a filename to a Minetest Schematic file (.mts) or through raw data supplied through Lua, in the form of a table. This table specifies the following fields:

  • The size field is a 3D vector containing the dimensions of the provided schematic. (required field)
  • The yslice_prob field is a table of {ypos, prob} slice tables. A slice table sets the probability of a particular horizontal slice of the schematic being placed. (optional field) ypos = 0 for the lowest horizontal slice of a schematic. The default of prob is 255.
  • The data field is a flat table of MapNode tables making up the schematic, in the order of [z [y [x]]]. (required field) Each MapNode table contains:
    • name: the name of the map node to place (required)
    • prob (alias param1): the probability of this node being placed (default: 255)
    • param2: the raw param2 value of the node being placed onto the map (default: 0)
    • force_place: boolean representing if the node should forcibly overwrite any previous contents (default: false)

About probability values:

  • A probability value of 0 or 1 means that node will never appear (0% chance).
  • A probability value of 254 or 255 means the node will always appear (100% chance).
  • If the probability value p is greater than 1, then there is a (p / 256 * 100) percent chance that node will appear when the schematic is placed on the map.

Schematic attributes

See section [Flag Specifier Format].

Currently supported flags: place_center_x, place_center_y, place_center_z, force_placement.

  • place_center_x: Placement of this decoration is centered along the X axis.
  • place_center_y: Placement of this decoration is centered along the Y axis.
  • place_center_z: Placement of this decoration is centered along the Z axis.
  • force_placement: Schematic nodes other than "ignore" will replace existing nodes.