Decoration types

The varying types of decorations that can be placed.


Creates a 1 times H times 1 column of a specified node (or a random node from a list, if a decoration list is specified). Can specify a certain node it must spawn next to, such as water or lava, for example. Can also generate a decoration of random height between a specified lower and upper bound. This type of decoration is intended for placement of grass, flowers, cacti, papyri, waterlilies and so on.


Copies a box of MapNodes from a specified schematic file (or raw description). Can specify a probability of a node randomly appearing when placed. This decoration type is intended to be used for multi-node sized discrete structures, such as trees, cave spikes, rocks, and so on.


Generates a L-system tree at the position where the decoration is placed. Uses the same L-system as minetest.spawn_tree, but is faster than using it manually. The treedef field in the decoration definition is used for the tree definition.