Ore types

These tell in what manner the ore is generated.

All default ores are of the uniformly-distributed scatter type.


Randomly chooses a location and generates a cluster of ore.

If noise_params is specified, the ore will be placed if the 3D perlin noise at that point is greater than the noise_threshold, giving the ability to create a non-equal distribution of ore.


Creates a sheet of ore in a blob shape according to the 2D perlin noise described by noise_params and noise_threshold. This is essentially an improved version of the so-called "stratus" ore seen in some unofficial mods.

This sheet consists of vertical columns of uniform randomly distributed height, varying between the inclusive range column_height_min and column_height_max. If column_height_min is not specified, this parameter defaults to 1. If column_height_max is not specified, this parameter defaults to clust_size for reverse compatibility. New code should prefer column_height_max.

The column_midpoint_factor parameter controls the position of the column at which ore emanates from. If 1, columns grow upward. If 0, columns grow downward. If 0.5, columns grow equally starting from each direction. column_midpoint_factor is a decimal number ranging in value from 0 to 1. If this parameter is not specified, the default is 0.5.

The ore parameters clust_scarcity and clust_num_ores are ignored for this ore type.


Creates a sheet of ore in a cloud-like puff shape.

As with the sheet ore type, the size and shape of puffs are described by noise_params and noise_threshold and are placed at random vertical positions within the currently generated chunk.

The vertical top and bottom displacement of each puff are determined by the noise parameters np_puff_top and np_puff_bottom, respectively.


Creates a deformed sphere of ore according to 3d perlin noise described by noise_params. The maximum size of the blob is clust_size, and clust_scarcity has the same meaning as with the scatter type.


Creates veins of ore varying in density by according to the intersection of two instances of 3d perlin noise with different seeds, both described by noise_params.

random_factor varies the influence random chance has on placement of an ore inside the vein, which is 1 by default. Note that modifying this parameter may require adjusting noise_threshold.

The parameters clust_scarcity, clust_num_ores, and clust_size are ignored by this ore type.

This ore type is difficult to control since it is sensitive to small changes. The following is a decent set of parameters to work from:

noise_params = {
    offset  = 0,
    scale   = 3,
    spread  = {x=200, y=200, z=200},
    seed    = 5390,
    octaves = 4,
    persistence = 0.5,
    lacunarity = 2.0,
    flags = "eased",
noise_threshold = 1.6

WARNING: Use this ore type very sparingly since it is ~200x more computationally expensive than any other ore.


Creates a single undulating ore stratum that is continuous across mapchunk borders and horizontally spans the world.

The 2D perlin noise described by noise_params defines the Y co-ordinate of the stratum midpoint. The 2D perlin noise described by np_stratum_thickness defines the stratum's vertical thickness (in units of nodes). Due to being continuous across mapchunk borders the stratum's vertical thickness is unlimited.

If the noise parameter noise_params is omitted the ore will occur from y_min to y_max in a simple horizontal stratum.

A parameter stratum_thickness can be provided instead of the noise parameter np_stratum_thickness, to create a constant thickness.

Leaving out one or both noise parameters makes the ore generation less intensive, useful when adding multiple strata.

y_min and y_max define the limits of the ore generation and for performance reasons should be set as close together as possible but without clipping the stratum's Y variation.

Each node in the stratum has a 1-in-clust_scarcity chance of being ore, so a solid-ore stratum would require a clust_scarcity of 1.

The parameters clust_num_ores, clust_size, noise_threshold and random_factor are ignored by this ore type.

Ore attributes

See section [Flag Specifier Format].

Currently supported flags: puff_cliffs, puff_additive_composition.


If set, puff ore generation will not taper down large differences in displacement when approaching the edge of a puff. This flag has no effect for ore types other than puff.


By default, when noise described by np_puff_top or np_puff_bottom results in a negative displacement, the sub-column at that point is not generated. With this attribute set, puff ore generation will instead generate the absolute difference in noise displacement values. This flag has no effect for ore types other than puff.